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Dave Mikulskis

There were two things that mattered to Dave growing up as a boy; baseball and music. Not much has changed since then as those things still make up a big part of his life. Along with being a diehard Cubs fan, he pursued music with the same passion. With musical influences including The Beatles, Foreigner, Boston, Journey and Styx, Dave has spent his time listening and learning (still), taking little bits from each one of these rock and roll legends to become the musician he is today.


Favorite contemporary artists include, Shinedown, Nickelback, Daughtry and Train. With the gift of perfect pitch and the tremendous ability to mimic rock’s predecessors, he also puts playing piano and guitar on his resume. A six-time Best Male Vocalist recipient, including 2012, in SuburbaNites Magazine's Best of the 'Burbs reader's poll, Dave is also a songwriter and a graphic artist. As far as baseball goes, nothing beats being at the old ballpark, except being up on stage.

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Dave Mikulskis
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