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Jim Warren

Having played in clubs since the age of 17, Jim is no stranger to the music scene. He remembers being told by the club owners not to be anywhere near the bar and if the cops came in, he would have to hide in the kitchen. Fortunately, he had plenty of drums to hide behind. While he may not have been seen, he was always heard. Jim continues this tradition by laying down the foundation of the band with his solid rhythms and powerful drum fills. You can also hear him lend his voice to the mega harmonies of the band, as well as singing lead on a few tunes.


A member of Hi Infidelity since 1999, Jim also plays in The Core, an Eric Clapton tribute band. He plays Yamaha Maple Custom drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks and uses Shure microphones. By day, Jim works in the aviation industry and he and his wife, Mishelle, have four children, Jenny, Jake, Tony and McKenzie.

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Jim Warren
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