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classic rock cover bands chicago - Aurora, IL,USA


Hi infidelity - Chicago
Hi infidelity - Chicago
Hi infidelity - Chicago
Hi infidelity - Chicago
Hi infidelity - Chicago

Exuding an electrifying energy, Hi Infidelity bursts onto the scene, a cover band hailing from the vibrant heart of Chicago suburbs. Their repertoire resonates with audiences of all stripes, though they are renowned for their masterful renditions of 80s rock anthems. Think Journey, REO, Bon Jovi, and Boston - these are but a few of the icons whose music Hi Infidelity brings roaring back to life.

Celebrated as the Best Cover Band repeatedly in local fan polls, Hi Infidelity's reputation precedes them. And they're more than just a band. They're a full-scale, pulse-pounding concert experience that transports you from the first electrifying chord to the final crescendo.

With a setlist as expansive as the horizon, they pay homage to the revered classics and embrace the refreshing spirit of today's chart-toppers. Each performance is a love letter to the original, meticulously crafted to match every note, every lyric, and every beat.

However, Hi Infidelity's unparalleled vocal prowess is the real cherry on top of this melodious sundae. If harmonious melodies that stir the soul are your siren's song, their pitch-perfect harmonies will enchant you. If the timeless anthems of the 80s stir your heart and appreciate a dash of contemporary tune magic, you owe it to yourself to lose yourself in a Hi Infidelity show. They've got it covered and ready to rock your world!

Dave Mikulskis
Danny Weymouth
Bobby Scumaci
Jim Warren
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